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Are you on iRev and using WordPress or another PHP package and things aren't working just right? This fix will make it all better!

Create a file called ".htaccess" and put into it these two lines:
php_flag eaccelerator.enable 0
php_flag eaccelerator.optimizer 0

Thats it! Save and upload to the main directory of your website!

08/13/2008 for all your temporary webmail needs while Kyogi's IMAP, POP3, and Webmail access is offline. Mail is being received, use this webmail interface to get your hot smelly spam!

iRev users moved to dedicated "iRev" server hardware. DNS and Email remain on the Kyogi server, but shells and websites live on the "iRev" server. is now its own co-location provider based out of San Diego, CA, and iRev is proud to be the first system in service on Kyogi's racks.

iRev continues its service to friends and family after more than 10 years in operation. We maintain our nine five's of uptime and quality of service, and look forward to serving up many bazillions of gigabytes in the years ahead! Feel free to call or comment if you have any questions!

Just a minor update: Nothing new what so ever! Gizmo and I are keeping the server up to date with security and feature additions, but all in all, if you're a user of the box you know the latest gossip because of IRC or AIM. Everything's peachy keen!

All iRev/Kyogi users:

  • Please visit and login with your normal email@dom.ain username and password.
  • Click on "Options" near the top of the right window pane.
  • Click on "Spam Filters"
  • Set the "Spam Score" to somewhere between 3 and 5, depending on how much spam you get. 3 will remove most spam, 5 will remove some spam.


Gizmo and I have moved the Kyogi / from Virginia to San Diego today, brand new hardware, new FreeBSD Unix operating system, and new Internet connectivity. Users, Websites, Email, DNS, everything has been moved over. If you have any questions, AIM, Email, or Call.

AIM: irevnet
Toll-Free: 877-463-1337

Kyogi, the server that iRev now exists on, has served us well over the last 8 months. Our new Internet Service Co-Location provider is excellent, the server has been rock solid, and the users on iRev have been great.

However, [info]gizmo and I aren't quite satisfied, and are upgrading Kyogi at the end of June. We'll be swapping out the server and adding a new RAID mirror hard drive array and 1.5 terrabytes of monthly traffic allotment.

The new server will be at a new IP address, same physical location. The migration to the new server will happen over the weekend of June 24-26th, probably transparently to most people. Email, Databases, websites, and whatever will seamlessly pop over to the new server. The furry-forums at Battle Forum and AnimeBelle will be read-only for that weekend, but everything else should flip over to the new server and be active pretty quickly, perhaps maybe only an hour or two of downtime.


iRev is living happily on the server, including a number of close friends and family who came along in the move. My thanks and appreciation to everyone's patience and understanding over the last few months, its been a bumpy transition, but we seem to be fairing well now. I'm dissapointed in the loss of the many beloved users that the past 10 years has seen iRev host, but I'm satisfied that they're all moved into their new web hosting homes comfortably.

If there's anything left that needs addressing or help with, please feel free to let me know. Thanks again for such an incredible experience, here's to another 10 years of friends and family.

Well, this is it, everyone! iRev's last week of service before it closes its doors on October 29th. Everyone who's moving over to Kyogi is moved over, hopefully with no downtime or loss of emails. I'll have the physical server with me starting November 1st, so if you missed the chance to download your files, let me know.

Its been an honor to host everyone and their stuff, but I'm kinda glad its over: I can focus on my wife and family, and enjoy playing computers again without the stress and overhead of the responsibility of hosting and figuring out how to pay the co-location bills.

If you need any assistance or need to contact me, please use any of the methods on to message me. Also, big big thanks and a huge welcome to our friends who are now hosted over at; thank you for your patience and support during the transfer.

This is just a filler until I can talk to people individually over the next few days and weeks.

Free image hosting is closing. Its closing down because that services uses two thirds of iRev's resources: Bandwidth, hard disk usage, sanity. I started the free image hosting service for friends of iRev to host their webcam shots and forum signatures. Battle Forum, ClanBOB, and other iRev forum users were welcome. It was expected it would be abused and grow, and I secretly hoped that people would see how great the server was and want to go ahead and put down the $5/month for a real website. Kinda like, "first one is always free" and then get people hooked on being able to have websites.

Sure, that failed, and I kinda knew it wouldn't ever work, but I also didn't expect it would be such a drain of resources. It has to go, and it has to go soon. Sorry to all my friends in the Forums that enjoy its simplicity, but really, there's many other places out there that can provide the same free service, too.

Now, about the rest of the iRev pay service: There's about 200 users, of which 25 pay for service. The others include friends whom I don't want them to pay, people who once paid, but I didn't keep up on, people who I didn't support completely and had to refund, and even more reasons and failures. Regardless, the co-location fees added up and too little money came in to keep iRev self-sufficient.

After much depressing soul searching, it became clear that what was once a fun hobby and joy became more stress and time than I can invest, and Sarah and I could really use the money for growing our house and family. Gizmo and I are investing into a new smaller tighter hobby server for us and a couple of iRev's core users. itself will close up shop end of October. Most people will move onto other web and email hosting providers, some won't bother with their websites anymore, and those remaining few friends who enjoy hacking and playing computers will join us on the new server.

I wish I had the energy and creativity to figure out a way to make this work for everyone and keep my beloved wife sane, but I have to keep grounded and realize that my hobby needs to be put on the back burner for a while. I also have to figure out how to pay off the last four months of iRev colocation bills, $1,200.

iRev will close its services to most users on October 31st. Case by case basis I'll be able to help some users and friends out with their domain names, websites, and emails and help migrate people's stuff to new internet service providers.

Thanks for your understanding and support.

Michael Buonauro, friend and user of iRev, ended his life May 28. I wil always remember how incredible he was: Creative, funny, thoughtful, and caring.

He uploaded to his website the final chapter of his "Marvelous Bob" story, seemed to make right with himself and those around him, and then ended his life.

In the final chapter the main character, the hero Bob, dies. The Hero's last thought is of his beloved Gracie. In his death, he gives his strength to the city, giving the city his powers to resolve their conflicts and crises. He dies for a purpose, a good purpose, with a good heart.

The final chapter to his book was published today at

Michael's mother has posted an open letter for Michael's friends and fans on Michael's personal website, Details regarding the Foundation and the Marvelous Bob book's copyrights to be announced.

Today iRev was down from 10:30am through 4:00pm while we swapped in new hardware in hopes of resolving the server's past week of crashing and weirdness.

All user's "home" files and SQL databases are now safely on a 100 Gigabyte RAID Mirror supported by a 3Ware 64-bit RAID Controller, one Maxtor drive, and one Western Digital drive. The RAID will keep safe user's emails, databases, and websites if one of the two drives should fail.

iRev's "/var" and swap partitions have been completely migrated to a new 40 Gigabyte Maxtor drive, replacing an older 8 Gigabyte IBM drive that we believe was slowly failing, causing the intermitent crashes over the past week.

A new Promise IDE controller card and 80 Gigabyte Western Digital drive has been installed to perform weekly backups of iRev. Keeping the drive on its own seperate dedicated IDE controller card should allow us to perform backups without degrading system performance required in web serving and email. Actually, each drive in iRev, including the RAID mirror drives, are on each their own IDE channels, each their own Master with no slave drives potentially causing bottle necks.

The server itself has been repositioned in a different location in the co-location facility's rack space, and the 3 system fans have been replaced and positioned for optimum airflow throughout the machine.

We thank you for your understanding and patience in today's long downtime, but we're confident that today's investment will keep iRev stable for a long time to come.

When we upgraded iRev's core software packages back on the 7th, we broke functionality in PHP when it interacts with MySQL databases in specific ways. Examples of the problems included iRev users' PostNuke-powered websites and all users' phpMyAdmin "browse" scripts.

Thanks to iRev friend Jean Luk Pikachu and his observations, we traced the problem down to the MySQL client software that PHP uses to talk to the MySQL database server. After downgrading the client software an entire version bump, everything works properly again, and we get to continue the use of the faster more reliable newer MySQL server software!

Bizarre error, but a good fix. If you're an iRev user who makes use of MySQL and would like the "phpMyAdmin" web interface to MySQL installed on your account, please email support with the request and we'll install it, for free, as soon as possible.

Monday morning iRev's server experienced two server crashes. In an attempt to troubleshoot all aspects of the server, we have upgraded and re-compiled many of the software packages on iRev, including the MySQL database service, Apache web service, and many of the other supporting libraries. The server is already running the latest FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE OS.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we get a handle on our little server's "growing pains".

A little iRev mail statistics over the past 7 days:
[root@irev]:/var/log# bzgrep "identified spam" mail.log.* |wc -l
[root@irev]:/var/log# bzgrep Virus_detected mail.log.* |wc -l

iRev successfully blocked 9,000 spam messages and 10 viruses in the past full week, an interesting sign of iRev's popularity and users' visibility on the Internet. If anyone wants spam filtering on their iRev account, let us know, spam and virus filtering is opt-in only.

Since Monday, there have been $506.45 donated to iRev to help revive the server from its near fatal failure and help grow and expand the serverís abilities. Let me account what happened that lead to this weekís crazy turmoil:

iRev used to always have its system usage idling at about a 1.00 load average with all its RAM in use and minor disk swapping. This meant that iRevís two P3-500 CPUs were each working at about half of their available horsepower. iRevís bandwidth hovered around 1 megabit per second on average and we were moving two to three gigabytes of traffic daily from its various websites.

However, over the past two months weíve seen iRev increase its resource use considerably: Load averages of 2.50 were becoming the norm, heavy disk swapping because of the quantity of data stored in MySQL databases, the CPUs were madly process-swapping trying to keep up, and the server was pushing out well over 7 gigabytes of traffic a day! The server was often serving up to 3 megabits per second of data out to the Internet, even to the point where our Co-Location provider began to take notice and raise a bit of concern.

While the iRev crew was happy that iRev was growing so rapidly, the growth wasnít due to new subscribers, but existing iRev users and their websites becoming more and more popular. This meant that while resource usage skyrocketted, fresh sources of income werenít being generated. In general, Iíve always said iRev isnít in the hosting business to make alot of money, but just to pay for itself. I enjoy providing a service where communities can be created and grown and people can experiment and learn how to use the Internet for their own enjoyment. However, because of my personal lifeís increased responsibilites, Iíve been unable to invest more money over than just what it takes to keep co-location fees paid up and time to add the few new users and maintain existing users.

Culminating this week, iRevís server experienced its worst hit yet: The RAID array that drives everyoneís ď/homeĒ directories failed and damn near blew out everyoneís data. It was a devistating blow that almost ended iRevís life: The heart of the system had been completely obliterated. Somehow, however, iRev pulled through and we were able to make a recovery of everyoneís data yesterday onto new hardware. Diagnosing the source of the failure lead us to very frustrating results: The serverís 4 case fans had stopped spinning and the heat of 4 hard drives plus 2 CPUs combined to cause the hardware to fail. When we assembled iRevís server for the Las Vegas co-location last year we purchased two of the same cases: One for Sarahís and my home workstation, and one for iRevís server. Our home PC case hasnít had any problems and its fans are spinning away happily, and I assumed that iRevís server case performing equally as well. Clearly it was a mistaken assumption, and shows that it matters to pay attention to even the smallest of details.

Thanks to the support, donations, and incredible showing of good will, iRev is now back on its feet and ready for upgrades that will resolve current issues and let it expand over the next two years. Weíll be able to comfortably accept new users, and iRev will be able to accomidate the growing popularity of existing users. Already the donations have been put into high quality case fans, a new larger hard drive, and a gigabyte of Crucial DDR RAM. Further, weíll be purchasing a quality hardware-based RAID Mirror solution and a second hard drive.

Hereís a roadmap of iRevís server stats:
Jan 27
  • Server case fans replaced with new high-quality fans
  • Failed "/home" RAID array taken offline
  • New 120GB Western Digital 7,200rpm 8meg cache drive takes over "/home"
  • Wednesday
    Jan 28
  • New MSI Motherboard, Athlon MP1600+ CPUs, and Crucial 1GB DDR RAM installed into testbed for "burn-in" trial period
  • Friday
    Jan 30
  • Scheduled downtime while new hardware is installed into iRevís server
  • Monday
    Feb 2
  • Scheduled purchases for 2nd 120GB drive and hardware RAID card
  • Tuesday
    Feb 10
  • Scheduled downtime while RAID array installed and /home migrated

  • 01/27/2004
    Please visit for details on the last few day's worth of downtime and activities.

    iRev's mail service faulted early this past Saturday morning when the drive dedicated to mail filled up from garbage caught by the spam and virus scanners. Because the drive filled up, the mail server daemon stopped processing the outbound mail queue. This means anyone on iRev who has their email re-directed back out to another account has not received any email in the past 4 days. Users who have their email stored on iRev itself and use the web interface or their own POP3 clients were not affected by this. Also note that website scripts that email out notices to users have are only now being sent. This includes new user signups on forum sites and "contact me" php and perl scripts that send email via a web interface.

    The outbound mail queue is being processed now and should be complete by noon today. No email was lost, just that they were queuing up on iRev's server and not being sent back out to your outside email accounts.

    Thanks to userinfodragonmun for the heads up and assisting in the resolution to the problem.

    iRev was proud to provide, setup, and support the complete network for Toorcon 5, a computer professional security conference in San Diego. iRev provided servers and materials, organized volunteer help, brought in hardware donations, and built & supported the event's network. Within 3 hours of arriving at the convention site, iRev's team was able to provide the weekend's thousand attendees with a reliable wired/wireless LAN, including firewall,dns,dhcp,www,irc,filesharing,webcam,audio/video services.

    iRev thanks all of the volunteers that helped make the LAN come together so smoothly, and we look forward to a repeat performance at next year's event!

    Thanks to the efforts of userinfobasharteg, iRev now has available integrated email Virus and Spam scanning abilities. Virus scanning and Spam scanning are optional and are not enabled by default, for now. If you'd like to test out iRev's Virus and Spam removal features, please let me know either via an email to support, AIM, ICQ, or a reply here. Note that if a message is determined to be spam or to contain a virus, the email message is immediatly dropped and no notification is provided to the user. After the trial period, iRev will provide a special webpage where iRev users can log in and add or remove email scanning options and review "hit" counts of viruses and spams against their account.

    iRev is also running its first round of graphical web log analysis against all of iRev's user's websites since the move to the new server and co-location facility. The analysis looks like it will take over 24 hours to chew through the 5 gigs of web logs. Once complete, iRev accounts will have direct access to their graphical logs pages again.


    Fujin, Cowkitty, and Dragonmun at AFO. Go iRev Girls!

    For those who are curious:
    Server uptime: 11 hours 00 minutes
    Total accesses: 100439 - Total Traffic: 1.4 GB

    Thats 1.4 gigs moved in 11 hours, with NO MySQL active: No forums, no comics.

    Still working on the MySQL issue. Very frustrating that it hasn't been fixed yet, still troubleshooting.

    Found the problem, MySQL is restored. Very annoyed, incompatibility in linux-threading module in MySQL with FreeBSD 5.1's BSD4 scheduler causing the mysql daemon to freeze up.

    Ugh. For 30 minutes there we were forced to go back to the single-threaded MySQL daemon. Found the problem within LinuxThreading, got it patched, and we're back to the multi-threaded daemon. FreeBSD 5.1 + the good ol 4BSD scheduler + LinuxThreading + MySQL 4.0.

    At 7:00am (PDT) Monday morning iRev's network services stopped responding, all though the server is still responding to pings. Clearly the upgrades to the OS this weekend didn't have the affect I had hoped for. A "Remote Hands" trouble ticket has been entered into the co-location facility for a reboot of the server. We should be back up very soon.

    At 10:15am (PDT) iRev was restored to service. From the technician at the co-location facility:
    Your Ticket: 249068
    These notes are included:
    The server had a panic from a page fault according
    to the messages on the screen. The server has
    been rebooted.

    iRev's operating system was upgraded from FreeBSD 5.0 to 5.1 during this reboot, which should resolve the kernel panic problems that we've experienced every month or so.

    However, the upgrade has broken MySQL on iRev, so all database-driven sites are down for a bit while I build a new package.

    iRev is going through software updates this weekend, so there may be a few moments of downtime and some iRev-hosted forum sites may be slower than normal due to high system resource usage during the updates. The software updates are in preperation for new hardware to be installed soon thanks to the wonderful donations from those on Exmoure's Battle Forums, Gizmo & Wndrbr3d, and other supporters of iRev.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    At around 11am PST today, Thursday, iRev's network services stopped responding. Looks like the server's kernel panicked and locked up the system. A trouble ticket has been issued for a reboot of the server and we should be back up by 1:00pm today. Once back up and operational, I'll upgrade the server's FreeBSD 5.0-Release-patch7 operating system to the latest FreeBSD 5.1-RC1 OS, which hopefully will end the bi-weekly lockups we've been experiencing.

    First off, I'd like to thank everyone for all their positive support and wonderful donations this past week, even while we all struggle through the server's slow database speeds. Things are looking up for some great upgrades to the server which will increase speeds dramatically.

    MySQL, iRev's database engine software, has released the first stable production-quality version of their lauded 4.0 release. I'll be executing a system-wide upgrade to this version of MySQL which will include support for using both CPUs on iRev, which in theory should double the speed of database-driven webpages like the forums. We'll go into a trial period testing if letting MySQL suck the life out of both CPUs causes problems with the rest of the server. Even if we throtte MySQL back to one CPU, changes in the database's file formats should still improve performance.

    We'll be executing the upgrade this weekend which will involve a few minutes of downtime while we swap Apache and MySQL services.

    Thanks again for all your support!

    At 6:30pm this evening, iRev's server load spiked and has effectively locked up the server. We're waiting for a "Remote Hands" reboot of the server from our Co-Location facility, which is scheduled for 7:30pm tonight. Once the server has been rebooted we'll examine the logs and try to discover the source of the load spike and how to prevent this issue from occuring again.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    [Update]: At 7:30pm the server is back up and working properly. We're now investigating the source of the lockup.

    iRev fell under another round of Denial-of-Service attacks last night. Viawest, iRev's new co-location provider, reports that around 1:30am last night iRev's primary IP was struck by almost 500 megabits-per-second of ICMP traffic. By 3:30am, Viawest had placed firewall access rules on their network's border routers to block all non-legitimate traffic. Good news is that Viawest is not charging iRev for the bandwidth costs of the DoS attack, and that they have no problems keeping the border router's firewalls in place until we find out the source of the attack or the reason why we're being attacked. Even now, 12 hours after the start of the attacks Viawest reports that the attack is still occuring.

    If anyone knows anything about the cause of the attacks, who might be initiating the attack, or what we can do to satisfy a resolution to stop the attacks, please contact me. Our new co-lo tells me that they simply firewall off the attack at their network's border router and thusly it doesn't affect them or iRev, but I still feel really bad that this is happening at all. Any information or gossip at all is appreciated, and held confidential if requested.

    At the suggestion of many, we've created a community on Livejournal for iRev users. Its mostly intended for those who are already Livejournal users who want to have iRev-specific notices and updates listed in their friends pages, and to seperate important iRev items out of Presence's normal Livejournal.

    We welcome you to add iRev to your friends list, and hope to hear your thoughts, comments, and opinions. Support-related questions are best served by emailing, AIM at "irevnet", ICQ at "1463590", or toll-free telephone at (877)463-1337. Thanks again for your interest and support in iRev: You all make the server into one of the best communities on the Internet.

    iRev's free webcam, avatar, and signature image hosting service no longer accepts bitmap (.BMP) image files. Bitmap images are uncompressed image files that not only take up to 10 times the disk space on the iRev server, but also take up to 10 times as long to download and put that much more of a load on iRev's bandwidth. The system will only allow Jpeg, GIF, and PNG filetypes to be uploaded from here on out. Please consider a $5/month full webhosting account if you'd like to have your other files and bitmap images hosted on iRev.

    iRev's graphical weblogs will not be updated over the weekend due to your sysop blundering a command and wiping out the script that generates those logs. Nothing will be lost, just nothing will be updated until the script is restored. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Welcome to 2003! iRev celebrates the New Year by extending a warm welcome to Sonny Strait and Kyle Hebert, two of Dragonball Z's voice actors. iRev hosts Kyle's forums and Sonny's full website, including webcomic and forums. Go check them out, and thanks again to Jynk for her wonderful assistance in helping facilitate all this!

    The new server has been installed on its new SDSL line here in its downtown Las Vegas office and undergoing testing and configuration. While we work on the new server, we ask that all iRev users please visit and fill out the web form. In our attempts to fill out our new accounting database, we would appreciate recording our user's contact (and billing) information, and the webform will allow this to happen.


    iRev continues to grow and expand at a brisk pace, thanks to word-of-mouth from existing iRev users. iRev is expected to be moved onto its own dedicated server and completely independant Internet connection within a month. Upgrades include over a gigabyte of memory, a pair of mirrored 80 gigabyte server-class hard drives, 2-hour battery backup, dedicated Co-location at the Bank of America building in downtown Las Vegas, and an SDSL local loop where the CO is only 800 feet away.

    iRev welcomes friends and potential new users to try out iRev's free Webcam and Image hosting service. Visit and sign up. No ads, no fees, easy access, and near-unlimited storage.

    06/23/2002 is working properly again. It took an upgrade to both PHP and TWiG, plus a bit of re-writing the TWiG module so that it correctly interfaced with iRev's unique IMAP interface. Yadda, yadda, what matters is that now it works again!

    Thanks for your patience, everyone! Please let me know if there are any questions or problems.

    iRev and DualCPUs planned to finally make the move from hobby service to professional service, with help and guidance from all of the iRev community. Details soon, but in a nutshell: The server + community combines together to make a most wonderful Internet Service Provider for all existing and new users, friends, family, and customers.

    Presence has yet another new job! This time Pres is the IT Admin for the Showroom at the Venetian. Presence is their main network, computers, programming, and hardware hacker, and gets to play around all day in a great Las Vegas Showroom at the Venetian Hotel/Casino. Pretty nifty stuff!

    Happy New Year, everyone!
    Presence has a new job over at and Weeee!

    12/10/2001 Store
    Help support and by checking out these great iRev-logo merchandise, designed by Cowkitty!

    12/01/2001 has been merged with DualCPUs in a move to consolidate admin duties, time, and money that I put into iRev. DualCPUs is an incredible community server run by a half-dozen administrators including a couple long-time iRev users like Jeremiah, Joe, and even myself.

    The move comes unexpectedly after I lost my job with Nassiri where iRev was co-located on their fractional T1. The migration to DualCPUs took all of last week due to delays with Network Solutions, transferring the massive home partition on iRev to the new server, and configuring the server.

    Not all iRev users were able to move to the new server, however. All shell access has been revoked and only paying or users who have donated were allowed to merge onto the new server. I have all user home directories and mail available for anyone who needs to grab their data, but otherwise, most everyone is now on the DualCPUs server and except for the week's downtime, everything should be back to normal. Please message me at if you have any questions.

    iRev is happy to announce the opening of pound L, a webcomic based off the antics of IRC. Since many of iRev's users use iRev as the jumping-off point to get onto IRC, and so many of us have known each other for so long, its a pleasure to have iRev host this new webcomic and strengthen the community feel that iRev already enjoys. There's a page dedicated to #L at to get a history and idea of IRC itself, and we welcome everyone to visit the new webcomic!

    iRev now has a new mailing list system for the "LAN List" that any iRev member is welcome to join. is the web interface where anyone can signup on the LAN (and more) discussion list, view archives on the web, and more. The "Events" list is specifically for LAN Party, gaming, and special event announcements. Go signup on the general LAN List now!

    iRev now up on my new employer's 768k T1. Network Solutions updated to reflect new IP addresses for iRev's DNS server. Email and webtraffic returned to normal. For bot users, new IP addresses are, .86, and .87.

    Pictures of iRev and its new home are at

    Downtime while iRev moves to new co-location facility here in Las Vegas with my new employeer.

    CowKitty designs custom logo and website for iRev.

    04/18/2001 is connected to the net via a 6-megabit OC3 provided by SprintLink. There was a misconfiguration of one of the core routers in SprintLink's ATM cloud that threw iRev offline for 15 hours today. I apologize for the downtime and welcome you to voice any questions or concerns.

    iRev now hosts Gamer Hotties a new comic strip by Michael and Jeff. iRev's user base has grown even more with several new users and websites. Thanks to everyone for helping make iRev's community bigger and better. The server's running great, too

    The server is now colocated on a 6-megabit OC3 out in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    11/09/2000 is proud to be the new host of Dr. Lobster (Steve Died), an unpopular goofy comic strip. Woot!

    iRev is now housed inside its new Dual333 FreeBSD server. All is working normally, except iRev's SMTP service. Please contact me if you experience any troubles.

    Some asshole used iRev's SMTP servers to send spam. I updated our file to reject this shit from here on out.

    New Hardware donated to iRev including dual PII-333 CPUs & motherboard, 34Gig drive, RAID array for iFetch SQL database, RAM, and more! Thanks to Basharteg and everyone for their support!

    iRev.Net proudly hosts 20 domains and 40 web sites for over 50 users!

    iRev.Net Server moved to new Co-Location facility in Carlsbad, CA.

    iRev user Maturesh launches newly designed iRev website.